Medical Services

Access to on-line and telephone advice about medical conditions and services. On-line independent medical advice and information. Details of how to access telephone advice (free) about medical conditions.

Dr M.B.Addlestone
and partners
Tel: 0113 2952725292 North Parkway
Leeds LS14 6LU
The Grange
Medical Centre

Tel: 0113 2931800 (appointments)
Tel: 0113 2931801 (queries)
Seacroft Crescent
Leeds LS14 6JP
Dr Anne Houghton
Dr Janet Kennedy
Dr Thomas Fox
Dr David Higgins
Dr Andrew Power
Dental Practice
Tel: 0113 2647309896 York Road
Leeds LS14
Mrs J. Ryder
Mrs A. Timmins
Mrs S. Wynn
Seacroft Hospital

Tel: 0113 2648164York Road
Leeds LS14 6UH
The Windmill
Health Centre
Tel: 0113 2733733
Mill Green
Leeds LS14 5JS
Dr C.M. Saffer
Dr Roberts
Dr Gerrard
Dr Morrell
Dr Hawkesworth
Dr F.Walden
and partners
Tel: 0113 2647278846 York Road
Leeds LS14 6DX